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What makes a Steamist Steam Shower an “ Attainable Luxury?"

If you think adding a steam shower to your home is a major remodelling project, you may want to reconsider. The compact steam generator can fit inside a typical vanity cabinet, and the plumbing and electrical connections are simple for your professional installer. In many cases your installer can convert a shower into a steam shower by enclosing the door so steam does not escape from above.

What about maintenance?

The Steamist system is virtually maintenance-free, and is covered by a 5-year warranty. However, the SMS Generator has a descaling feature in which you can add citric acid to break down any scale in the generator.

What’s the difference between a Steam Shower and a Sauna?

Both steam and sauna systems provide similar benefits for your mental and physical well-being. The difference between a steam shower and a sauna is basically “wet heat” versus “dry heat”. Sauna room temperatures may actually be higher, but you may “feel the heat” more by adding steam. It really comes down to personal preference. A steam shower system, however, can generally be more easily integrated into an existing bathroom or new home plan at lower cost.

Can I use aromatherapy products in my steam shower?

Yes. The Steamist 3199 Steamhead has a “Aroma well” on the top. This allows you to put a couple of drops of essential oils in it. This is a wonderful enhancement to the steam experience. However, do not put oils on the steam head while steam is being emitted from the head as there is possibility for injury due to burning. Caution: Steam is 212°F, in other words, steam is HOT!

I have very hard water. Is there anything that I need to do to protect my steam unit?

You may want to consider a whole house water treatment system if the water quality is a concern. The Steamist steam generator can operate in conjunction with a water softener. It is important to realise that good water is a condition which is desirable for drinking as well as protecting the plumbing systems, decorative hardware, faucets and glass from the negative effects of hard water. Additionally, the SMS Generator has a descaling feature in which you can add citric acid to breakdown any scale in the generator.

Do I need an extraction fan in the steam shower enclosure?

No. After a steam bath take a hot or cold shower and the steam condenses down the drain. However, we would recommend putting a good in-line extraction fan in the bathroom outside the steam room.

What do I need to install a Steamist Steam Generator in my house?

The installation requirements are relatively simple with connections similar to that of a Hot Water Heater with 240 Volt Electricity and a cold (or hot) Water Supply to the unit. A steam line to the bathing area and a Glass Steam enclosure is all that is necessary to complete the installation.

Does the steam generator take up any usable bathroom space?

No. The unit is compact in size and can be installed preferably 6m meters away but can be further. (Extension cable would need to be purchase)

Is the steam generator easy to operate?

Yes. Steamist Digital Steam Shower Control can be inside (or outside) the steam shower make it both convenient and very comfortable to relax and enjoy the steam experience

Can I have an electric shower inside the steam room?

No, you cannot have an electric shower in a steam room.

Where is the best place to put a steam control and outlet

Ideally you would want to place the control close to wear you would sit and the steam outlet as faraway from the control so the control can read the most accurate room temperature

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