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Enhance your steam room experience to new heights with our cutting-edge touch screen controller. Effortlessly tailor the temperature, duration, and steam intensity to your exact preferences, ensuring the ultimate relaxation every time. Not only does our controller offer precise control over these essential features, but it also features light control and the ability to drain the tank to allow you to descale the generator.

Controller - Generator

SMS-4.5 - 4.5kW
SMS-4.5 - 4.5kW
SMS-4.5 - 4.5kW

Steam Output


Upgrade to a designer finish outlet

Matt Black
Brushed Brass
Polished Nickel
Other finishes available on request

Generator Sizing Guide

To estimate which Generator to choose, you simply need to work out your steam room volume m3, which equates to Length x Width x Height. However, there are certain factors such as the materials utilised and the height of the steam room that might necessitate a more powerful generator.

With the following calculation we have included an example based on a steam room sized 1.5m L x 1.8m W x 2.2m H, this steam room has a full 10mm glass front 1.5m and porcelain tiles.

  • For Natural stone or marble, multiple by 2.0
  • For ceramic / porcelain tiles or glass, multiple by 1.2
  • For one exterior wall such as a glass door ,multiple by 1.1 For two exterior walls such as a corner enclosure, multiple by 1.3
  • Select a generator with a “MaximumCubic Metre Range” that is equal to orgreater than your Adjusted Cubic Metre.In this example we have an AdjustedCubic Metre.

  • Example
  • Cubic Metre 1.5 x 1.8 x 2.2 = 5.94 m3
  • Material Adjustment 5.94 x 1.2 = 7.128 m3
  • Exterior Wall Adjustment 7.128 x 1.1 = 7.8m3
  • Select a Generator

    SMS-9 because its output is up to 10m3which is higher than our Adjusted CubicMeter and the SMS-6 Generator is only recommended up to 5.8 m3 which is lower then our Adjusted Cubic Meter.
  • These variables are for optimum performance,
    if your walls and ceiling are constructed of a cement based insulation board, there would be no need for Ceramic/Porcelain and tile additions.
  • If you require a higher kilowatt option or smart shower additions we offer an additional range of system please contact

Download our brochure for information on the many health benefits of steam. Or our Operational Manual for any technical queries.

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